Pastor speaks with police after road rage shooting

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Detectives have more clues in the search for a gunman in a road rage shooting. The Martin County Sheriff's Office says the victim is awake and spoke with detectives Monday afternoon.

Detectives say Steven Simon told them the person who shot him was driving a gold Chrysler Concorde. "He's very adamant about the description of the vehicle, description of the suspect, and he does want justice," says Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. "He wants us to catch this offender."

Sheriff Snyder says it's amazing how much detail Simon remembered. "I call it a miracle that he was shot in the head at fairly close range and survived," says Sheriff Snyder.

Investigators say Simon was shot by another driver after a road rage incident. It happened on Interstate 95 near mile marker 98 Thursday night. Detectives will return to the crime scene Tuesday. "Also, we'll have an electronic bulletin board up asking motorists if you've seen this vehicle please give us a call," says Sheriff Snyder.

The new information about the vehicle could be the break detectives are looking for. "We feel very hopeful because that Concorde, it's not a rare [car], but it's not very common either," says Sheriff Snyder.

The Chrysler Concorde is no longer manufactured. The last production year was 2004.  The sheriff says the victim describes the suspect as an older white man with white hair.

If you have any information, call the Martin County Sheriff's Office or Detective Christopher Morales at 772-220-7087.

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