Photos show animal abuse outside shelter

By Dan Krauth

MIAMI (WFLX) - People are outraged about the abuse of puppies outside a South Florida animal shelter. Disturbing photos shows animals being carried by skin of their necks.

Someone took out their phone and snapped photos of a man dropping off four black lab mixes to the Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

"You always want to support the chest and pick them up with your hands," said veterinarian Dr. Maria Serrano. "First of all, it hurts [when you do not], and these guys seem to be very scared as well, so it probably makes them feel like a punishment."

Dr. Serrano, the lead veterinarian at Miami Dade County Animal Services, says, unfortunately, it's not the first time she has seen dogs picked up like this. "They're live creatures that have feelings just like everyone else, so it's very unfortunate to see that."

The pictures were taken before the man headed inside the building. The vet says they're working right now to track down the guy responsible to educate him on how to hold animals.

Volunteers have named all four of the dogs and are treating them for a mild skin disorder. They will be ready for new, loving homes soon. "They are shy, but they are sweet.  They just need that a little bit of love."

Two people have stepped up so far to foster two of the animals, but all four of them still need permanent homes along with hundreds of other animals inside.

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