Florida voters head to the polls for primary election

(WFLX) - There are several things voters need to remember before hitting the polls Tuesday for the primary election.

Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Each voter is assigned a specific polling location. People can find their locations by looking at the front of their sample ballot they received in the mail. Polling locations can also be found on the websites of their local supervisor or elections.

It's also important people bring a signature ID when they go to cast a ballot. "You do not need your voter information card, but a driver's license, a student ID, a military ID, passport, a Florida ID is fine, as long as the driver's license is not expired," says Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher.

Bucher also says people need to make sure they go to the polling place of their most current address. If their address isn't updated, they can call the election office to get it updated.

Bucher says poll workers can also update the address when people go to vote.

"If you've moved, you need to keep your address current so you can call us before you go vote, and we will change your address and direct you to your proper voting location," she says.

People's ballots will differ depending on which party they are in and where they live. If a voter is not a Republican or Democrat, they will not be able to vote in partisan races, like the gubernatorial primary.

"During primaries, you vote by political part.  If you don't have a party affiliation, you should see all through the county, there is at least a school board race and two judicial races," Bucher says.

Tuesday is also the last day to get an absentee ballot. Bucher says it needs to be into the main elections office by 7 p.m.

It's also important to sign the outside envelope with a signature that matches your voter registration.

"We check every single signature against the signature that you provided to us on your voter registration. If your signature does not match, you're not able to update it because you had to do it before the start of the canvassing board, and that began last Tuesday," Bucher says.

Bucher says people who have signatures that are not updated will get an application in the mail to make them current.

To see who is on your ballot and to find your polling location log onto these Web sites:

Palm Beach County  

Martin County