Parents say bus driver abandoned autistic child

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Two suburban Lake Worth parents are outraged after, they say, their autistic son was abandoned by his school driver and left alone and crying.

"God only knows what was going through his mind. He was probably scared and afraid because he has never been left alone before," Jodi Isdith said.

Isdith's son, Logan, is a ninth grader at Park Vista High School.

He is nonverbal and has a hard time communicating.

His parents say, organized through an individualized education program, the school bus was supposed to take him to a therapy aftercare program when school gets out.

But on the first day of school, Logan's parents say the bus took him home.

They say the bus driver and the bus aide allowed Logan to get off the bus even though his parents weren't home.

Logan waited in the heat for about an hour until his sister came home and noticed him. "The school bus driver and aid just let him off the bus and drove away. He could have taken off, he could have walked in the water, or anybody could have just driven by and grabbed him," Jodi Isdith said.

Logan's father says he became emotional when he learned his son was left alone crying. "Anybody would know you don't just leave a special needs child alone. He has no voice. We are his voice. Where was his voice that day? It was basically taken from him," Erwin Isdith said.

A spokeswoman with the Palm Beach County School District said the district is looking into what happened. "It was a mistake because it was the first day of school and we have a lot of new drivers. We are doing everything humanly possible to make sure this doesn't happen again," spokeswoman Natalia Powers said.

Powers explained that the district transports 60,000 students each day and that safety is their number one priority. "To this day, now a week after school started, we haven't received any calls or explanation," Erwin Isdith said.

Isdith says they filed a police report to make sure there was documentation of what happened.

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