FBI & IRS investigating West Palm Beach apartment complex

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The FBI and IRS are investigating an apartment complex near the corner of Belvedere Road and Georgia Avenue in West Palm Beach.

Several residences at the Green Terrace apartment complex are sober living spaces. The complex is partially occupied by condo owners. Other units have recently been purchased by the HOA president who is running a sober living facility in the units.

The FBI is only confirming there is an investigation on the property, and West Palm Beach police are assisting the bureau.

Some of the residents said federal agents entered the complex Thursday morning, but they did not give them any explanation. "It makes me wonder what have they done here for the feds and police to be here. It makes me wonder if they are working an honest program like I'm trying to do in life," said tenant Colton Cunningham.

The FBI won't say if the investigation involves the sober living facility.

A call to the HOA president for comment has not been returned.

Federal agencies were also at a second location Thursday in Delray Beach, but it is unclear if it was related to the investigation in West Palm Beach.

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