Petition for dog beach started in Delray Beach

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A petition on is picking up some leeway to create a dog beach in Delray Beach for residents in the area.

Supporters of "We Want A Dog Beach" created the petition several weeks ago.

Commissioners said they voted against a dog beach nearly a year ago because of what they called a potential liability hazard and board members also expressed how it could create a mess if owners didn't pick up after their dogs.

One woman signed the petition saying city leaders should find a way to work out having a dog beach for Delray dog owners. "I just think it would be a wonderful idea for Delray to establish a successful portion of the beach for dog owners and their dogs off leash," said Maria Ellingsworth of Delray Beach. "Ninety percent of the dog owners, and dogs I've encountered coming here over the years, are responsible friendly, pick up after themselves and other dogs and it's no harm at all and it's a small section of the beach."

Other south county residents have been using Boca Raton's dog beach at Spanish River Park.

Mia Raveson said, "It's a great place for owners and dogs to be able to have fun and without any problems."

Organizers of the petition are looking to get 500 signatures before they deliver the petition to city leaders.

So far, they have almost 300.

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