Men arrested after four children left adrift in boat

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - Two men were arrested Saturday night after four children were left adrift in a boat in the Indian River, according to Fort Pierce police.

The children told investigators Yadyel Morejon and Hedgard Aguirre had brought them to a beach and pulled the boat to shore.

The men, according to police, left the children on the boat and began walking on the beach.

While Morejon and Aguirre were out of the boat it began drifting away from the shore with the four juveniles on board, police said.

One of the children told police he called the men for help and was ignored.

Eventually, one of the juveniles was able to start the boat's engine and bring it back to the beach.

Police say Morejon and Aguirre returned to the boat, and they headed back to the marina.

The mother of two of the children had called 911 after one of her kids called and sent a text reading they were left on the boat.

Police say when Morejon found outthe calls were made to the children's mother, he took their cellphones and threw them in the water.

Officers say Morejon stated that, "I can drink if I want to, and I pay the bills".

Police say the children, who are related to the men, were not hurt during the incident.

Morejon and Aquirre were arrested and charged with boating under the influence and child abuse and booked into the St. Lucie County Jail.

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