Boynton Beach to temporarily ban medical marijuana

By Charlie Keegan

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A South Florida city isn't waiting until election day to prepare for medical marijuana.

Tuesday, commissioners in Boynton Beach agreed to temporarily ban medical marijuana businesses.

The unanimous decision means a moratorium on issuing permits for dispensaries will go into effect.

Vice Mayor Joe Casello said this will allow the city to work with the state to set up regulations for these businesses, assuming Amendment 2 passes in November.

Casello told us he supports medical marijuana, but stressed it needs to be done the right way. "I don't want to see it on the corner like a CVS and Walgreen's. It can't happen that way. It's gotta be done in a professional manner and hopefully we're going to get ahead of the curve when it all comes down," Casello explained.

The city will hold a public hearing October 21 to lay out the framework for the moratorium before it goes into place.

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