Palm Beach County election office admits to printer error in sample ballot

By Jeff Skrzypek

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Just a day after WFLX Fox 29 first reported about "unreadable" sample ballots being sent out to voters throughout Palm Beach County, the supervisor of elections is admitting there was a mistake.

Susan Bucher sent out a release on Tuesday after it was brought to her attention on Monday that the words "sample ballot" were covering up candidate information and a description for an amendment.

In a release, Bucher said it was vendor error.

"Unfortunately, the printer made a mistake," wrote Bucher.

Originally, Bucher told WFLX Fox 29, over the phone, that it was done on purpose to prevent voters from using their sample ballot to actually vote. "Somebody should be held accountable because somebody should have at least looked at it prior to it being printed," said Lee Potter, a Jupiter Farms resident who spotted the error.

Tribune Directm, the company used to print the sample ballots, also sent out a release saying Bucher was sent a proof where the text of the ballot was legible.

The company apologized and wrote, "This error is the sole responsibility of the printer and should absolve any wrong doing on the part of the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections."

Tribune Direct has agreed to mail out a correction on the three ballot pages that were impacted.

An estimated time of arrival that voters should expect to receive the correction has not been determined.

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