Deputy tells jury he smelled alcohol coming from Goodman's pores

Deputy tells jury he smelled alcohol coming from Goodman's pores

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - John Goodman's girlfriend, Heather Hutchins, was called back to testify on Wednesday after the prosecution says it found a discrepancy in her testimony on Monday.

Goodman was driving a Bentley that hit Scott Wilson's car in 2010. Wilson's vehicle went into a canal, and he drowned.

A jury found Goodman guilty of DUI manslaughter in 2012, but Goodman was awarded a new trial because of juror misconduct.

On Monday, Hutchins told the jury she took Goodman to a Miami hospital the night after the crash.But prosecutor Sherri Collins says medical records show Goodman didn't go to the hospital in Miami until three nights after the crash. "I may not remember the day, but I definitely remember taking him to the emergency room," Hutchins said.

Collins also pointed out that Goodman was taken to the hospital for chest pain. Collins asked Hutchins why she didn't have more specific detail about when they went to the hospital. "We were advised not to talk about it, and I had never been in any kind of legal issue before. I didn't know what my rights were," Hutchins said.

Also on Wednesday, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Ricardo Safford told the jury he smelled alcohol coming from Goodman's pores.

Medical Examiner Michael Bell also testified that Scott Wilson drowned. Dr. Bell says Wilson could have been alive anywhere from four to five minutes in the water before he died.

The bartender who served Goodman the night of the crash is expected to testify on Thursday.

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