CDC contacting passengers who were on flight with Dallas nurse

CDC contacting passengers who were on flight with Dallas nurse

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Concern among travelers at Palm Beach International Airport is rising after a plane, carrying a nurse infected with Ebola, landed in South Florida.

Frontier Airlines confirmed Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was on one of their flights that flew from Ohio to Texas. That same airplane also landed at Fort Lauderdale Airport. "Now, you made me nervous. Now, I'm getting stressed," said Diane Bassolino, a Highland Beach resident.

Bassolino flew to New York JFK Airport on Thursday, one of five airports that began screening passengers for Ebola. Bassolino said hearing about the virus has made her hypersensitive at the airport, especially to those who are also on her airplane. "If I was sitting next to someone who was really sick, I'd be very concerned and stressed the whole flight," said Bassolino.

The CDC is ensuring travelers the risk of Ebola is low. "I can certainly understand why people would be fearful of flying on a plane where someone was infected flew on," said Dr. Cecilia Rokusek of Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Rokusek said even if someone was on a plane with someone who had Ebola, the risk is low as they do not share bodily fluids. "There's probably not a chance you're going to get it," said Dr. Rokusek.

Travelers, like Bassolino, said she is not going to let it stop her from traveling. "You know, keep your hands away from your mouth, your nose, and keep your hands clean. And that's about all you can do; unless, you're going to go live in a cage," said Bossolino.

The CDC is now contacting passengers who were on the Frontier Airlines plane Vinson used on Tuesday.

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