Johnny Zero

For a man just released from prison after four years, JONNY CALVO (Franky G) is having a bad day. The only way he can see his young son is from a distance. His own father isn’t talking to him. He’s chased by his old cohorts – exactly the element he’s supposed to avoid – and forced to use a pizza in self-defense. He’s got no money and no place to stay, and the only jobs he can land involve reverting to his former criminal ways or dressing up in an octopus suit. And, that’s all before lunchtime.
From the acclaimed team behind “The West Wing,” “Third Watch” and “ER,” JONNY ZERO follows a tough but caring ex-con whose checkered past threatens to outpace him on the road to redemption. A former bouncer, Jonny has a mythic reputation on the streets of New York City, and his old boss, a corrupt club owner, will stop at nothing to get him back on the payroll. But Jonny struggles to go legitimate, befriending wannabe hip-hop Renaissance man RANDOM (GQ) and a fellow lost soul, troubled ex-stripper DANNI STYLES (Brennan Hesser).
Dogged by an FBI agent who blackmails him into going undercover as an informant and an unsympathetic parole officer who’s seen hundreds of guys just like him fail miserably on the outside, Jonny capitalizes on his criminal knowledge and entrée into the New York club scene to solve crimes and help people – on his terms.
Never losing his sense of humor, he’d rather fake an accident than cause one, outwit an enemy than out-punch one, and rewrite a rule than break one. Through it all, he never forgets the things that remain beyond his reach: his son, his hardworking parents and the woman he had to leave behind.