Amendment 2 supporters continue to fight to legalize medical marijuana

Amendment 2 supporters continue to fight to legalize medical marijuana

By Jamel Lanee'

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Even though Amendment 2 did not pass, this may not be the last time voters hear about medical marijuana. You may see it again on the ballot in the future. Supporters said they plan on continuing to fight for the drug in Tallahassee.

For David Tilbury, the fight to legalize marijuana is not over. He's spent the last few months volunteering with the group, United for Care. It's a group that encouraged voters to say yes to Amendment 2. “It's not about legalizing weed. it's about legalizing people,” Tilbury said.

People, he says, like him. Tilbury has had numerous surgeries to help relieve orthopedic problems due to his size. But, he said, the pain in his back won't go away and marijuana helps. “People often think that's just a pretext to get drugs, and it may be for a few, but for most of us, it really isn't.”

Advocates needed 60 percent approval to pass Amendment 2. Attorney John Morgan wrote the Amendment.

As for what's next, he said, he plans to rewrite the Amendment using different language, hoping all parties can agree. "So many people that I debated with said I'm ok with medical marijuana, but not with this. So I'm open to everything and anything.”

But until then, Tilbury will continue to take his so called medicine behind closed doors. “I'm just gonna live as I have been, basically civil disobedience style and just do what I need to do keep myself comfortable and healthy,” he said.

John Morgan said he hopes to have the amendment rewritten and back on the ballot for 2016.

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