Miracle mom survives 45 minutes without pulse

Miracle mom survives 45 minutes without pulse


BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - Doctors and nurses at Boca Raton Regional Hospital are still in disbelief after a mother's pulse stopped after complications during a C-Section, but then mysteriously started again 45 minutes later.

"She opened her eyes and reached out her hand for me. I was completely blown away. This is a woman, who just a few hours ago died, and now she is reaching out for me," nurse Julie Ewing said.

Doctors say Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro's heart stopped after a C-Section in September. She had an amniotic fluid embolism which is when the fluid that surrounded her baby clogged her heart.

Doctors say it is almost always fatal. They spent close to three hours trying to save her. For nearly an hour of that, she had no pulse.

Doctors called in the new mother's family and told them to pray and say goodbye. "We were seconds away from withdrawing all supportive care in preparation for her passing, and within seconds of that, she started a rhythm," Dr. Jordan Knurr said.

Knurr says he knew in that moment it was a miracle. "Everyone was in disbelief. This doesn't happen," Dr. Knurr said.

But Ruby wasn't out of the danger zone. There was still fear she may have suffered brain damage and her heart rhythm was still not normal. "We weren't giving up. This should not have been happening. This was a happy time -- a new baby, a young mother -- it wasn't her time. We did not want to stop,"

Dr. Knurr said to everyone's surprise, Ruby made a full recovery. No brain damage, and she didn't even have bruises from nearly three hours of CPR. "We pulled all resources to save this woman's life and a miracle happened," Dr. Knurr said.

Nurse Ewing says the experience changed her forever. "That day, God was real -- more real than I ever dreamed of," Ewing said.

Ewing says Ruby told nurses what she remembers during the time her pulse stopped. "She said she went down a tunnel. She didn't walk. She said it was more like she was floating... that she saw a spiritual being that told her it wasn't her time," Ewing said.

Ruby is now home with her baby. Doctors say both are doing well.

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