Child needs plastic surgery after dog attack

Girl needs plastic surgery after dog attack

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - A 5-year-old girl is recovering after being mauled in the face by a Labrador in her Lake Worth neighborhood.

Her mother, Lucila Hernandez, is praising her pet pit bull, Trigger, for getting in the middle of the attack and saving the girl from being more seriously injured.

Hernandez says the Labrador, named Tank, was wandering outside, like she says many dogs do, in their neighborhood.

She says Tank attacked her daughter, Remayah, who was riding her bike.

Hernandez says Trigger reacted by jumping over their fence and attacking Tank. "He's like a hero. He's like a protective dog. We taught him to be protective and caring for the family," Hernandez said.

"He's kind of a super hero," said Remayah.

Tank was seriously injured and has been euthanized.

Remayah has had surgery and will be having plastic surgery, according to Hernandez.

Tank's owner, Nehemias Gaspar, says he doesn't know how his dog got outside, but was working when the incident happened. "He was very friendly with all of the kids. He was a great dog. He was a very nice dog," Gaspar said.

That's why Gaspar says, he thinks, there is more to the story.

Gaspar says he's seen Trigger jump the fence before and has even walked Trigger back home.

He believes Trigger jumped the fence and got into a fight with Tank before Remayah was around. "I sincerely believe inside of me that my dog is innocent. It's very unfortunate what happen, but I'm more worried about the girl now that my dog is gone," Gapsar said.

Hernandez is hoping this won't happen to anyone else on their street in the future. "This would have never happened to her if he would have kept his dog where he belongs -- in the house or tied up," said Hernandez.

She said the family is having to use money they saved to take Remayah to Disney World to pay for her plastic surgery.

They have set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to still take her to Disney World and get her mind off of the attack.

If you'd like to donate to a fund started to benefit the girl, visit

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