Thieves steal A/C units from Martin County home and businesses

Thieves steal A/C units from Martin County home and businesses

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A little girl wants to know why someone would steal her family's air conditioner. The Martin County Sheriff's Office says thieves have stolen a/c units from two businesses and a home in the past week.

Inside the home on SE Bonita Street, the thermostat reads 82 degrees. "It was very hot," says 6th grader Suzanne Joachin.

Joachin and her family tried to cool the house down Monday night but it didn't work."I tell my husband 'oh it's so hot inside'," says parent Dieulitane Joachin.They realized the problem when they went outside their house. Their a/c unit was missing. Thieves left behind an empty hole and cut wires. The kids want to know why."Why would you steal my stuff," says Suzanne.But the thieves weren't finished. They struck again just two miles away."It was right here," says Steve DeSmit who owns We'll Floor You, "You can see the pipes. There's the copper."Authorities say thieves stole one a/c unit at We'll Floor You in Stuart on Monroe Street and a second unit next door at Island Party Rentals. DeSmit thinks he knows why."I understand the value of the copper," says DeSmit.

The value of the a/c unit at each business is about $2,000.

Both DeSmit and Joachin say their landlords plan to install a new one.

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