Friday's Fun Facts on Katie LaGrone

Friday's Fun Facts on Katie LaGrone

You watch her on Fox 29 News, but did you know all these fun facts on Katie LaGrone?

Home Town:
North Miami Beach, FL

Family Life:
Two kids and a Beta fish named Leo.
What was your first car?
Maroon Honda Accord. I was 20 when I got it. I was thrilled that my days of hitching rides (or begging in some cases) were finally over!

What was your first job?
I was a sales girl at The Gap- where I consequently spent every school year, summer break, spring break, & winter break all through high school and early days of college.

If you weren't working in news, what would you be doing?
Hmmmm…maybe taking early retirement in Santa Barbara, CA where I was offered my first job as a sales girl for a communications company. Still wonder what would have happened if I took the job. My dad tells me I would have gotten homesick and returned in one year.
What's your favorite part about living in South Florida?
What do you miss most about home?
So fortunate to say I feel like I still live home. My family is a short drive south. I describe living in Palm Beach County as getting the best of South Florida without the problems and mayhem of our southern neighbors.

What's your hidden talent?
When you find one, please share it with me. My ego has taken a major hit over this question.

If you were left on a deserted island with only three things, what would they be?
My two sons and my husband. (uh oh, maybe I should have said my husband first?)

What's your favorite Fox 29 show?
When I'm able to sneak a peek at work, I like Steve Harvey. He comes across like a real nice guy. I'll never forget the moment he walked off the stage in tears talking about his late mom on Mother's Day.
Why do you love working at Fox 29?
GREAT people!
One final fun fact:
No fun facts (I really need to get a hobby) but people often ask me if I'm married to the guy on the other station…yes, that's hubby! (Paul LaGrone- morning anchor at WPBF)

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