Amanda McClure takes plea deal to serve eight years for DUI manslaughter

Amanda McClure takes plea deal to serve eight years for DUI manslaughter

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Friends of Jack Reagan, the Patriot Guard rider hit and killed last year on Interstate 95 last year, are speaking out on Amanda McClure's plea deal.

Friends are upset and shocked to learn that Amanda McClure will serve eight years for DUI manslaughter for hitting and killing Reagan while drinking and driving. "I was kind of surprised at the length of time. I thought it was pretty short, pretty easy sentence for the circumstances of what she did," said Jim Kamen, whose also a Patriot Guard rider and good friend of Jack's.

Jim Kamen said he thinks McClure got a slap on the wrist after she took a plea deal to serve only eight years. "I think she blew her opportunities, and then the system failed the rest of us by not giving her a stiffer sentence."

A system, he said, gave a tougher sentence to John Goodman, a man who had no previous convictions, while McClure had a previous DUI before the accident. McClure was out on bond for DUI manslaughter, when she violated her probation back in March. "The circumstances were obviously similar, and that it's a drunk driving, and he got convicted, but he got twice the sentence with no priors versus what Amanda McClure received," said Kamen.

According to the deal, McClure will get 215 days for time served and four years probation. Kamen said, hopefully, it'll be enough time for McClure to reflect on the consequences of her actions. "I don't see how they cannot know the consequences of driving drunk. It's on the TV all of the time, it's on the radio. The message is out there, but nobody's listening," he said.

The state attorney's office would not comment on the plea agreement.

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