Port St. Lucie police cracking down on credit card skimmers

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Port St. Lucie police are cracking down on credit card skimmers illegally installed at area gas pumps.

Within the last couple weeks, police say, around five skimmers have been found on pumps around the county.

The skimmers are illegally installed behind a credit card reader. A driver could unknowingly swipe their card at the pump and give all their bank information to a thief.

Additionally, it could take weeks to know if you were a victim.

Thursday, police and a Department of Agriculture employee visited more than 20 stations around the city.

They opened up every pump to check for skimmers. Fortunately, no devices were found after visiting each gas station.

Police say that's good news, but that doesn't mean the problem is gone. Police say it can take less than 30 seconds for someone to install a skimmer in the machines.

Police recommend not using a debit card at the pump, or swipe your card inside. They also recommend paying with cash to avoid putting your information at risk.?

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