Barge capsizes in Fort Pierce Inlet

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - The U.S Coast Guard rescued two men and a dog near the Fort Pierce Inlet Tuesday night after their barge capsized.

One man was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

His condition was upgraded to stable Tuesday night.

Ed Killer with TC Palm reported Wednesday morning that the inlet was still closed, causing a navigation hazard, and not allowing charters to set sail.

The Coast Guard is still working to determine what caused the barge to capsize.

Hundreds of people watched from the shore as the barge started to take on water.

Chris Caperones made a detour during his bike ride near the inlet to capture video of the sinking barge. "You could see a boat towing in a large barge. They were really struggling," Caperones said. "They had bilge pumps going and when the one bilge pump on the side stopped I knew they were in trouble."

The Coast Guard says two men and a dog on the barge ended up in the water. One man and the dog were quickly taken out of the water. The second man briefly went missing.

Rescue crews removed him from the water and took him to the hospital.

The Barge remained in the water Tuesday night.

The Coast Guard searched by air for fuel leaks and placed markers around the barge to make it visible to other boaters.

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