Police identify I-95 high-speed chase suspects

Police identify I-95 high-speed chase suspects

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A 50-mile long police chase, spanning three counties, ended with police arresting two men in Boynton Beach Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities said the chase started in Miami Gardens in what appears to be a suspected robbery.

A Boynton Beach police spokesperson said Demetrics Brown, 35, of suburban West Palm Beach, was driving the red VW Jetta station wagon.

Glenn Calvin Jackson, 33, of Boynton Beach was in the passenger's seat.

The car crashed into several vehicles in the northbound exit ramp of I-95 at Gateway Boulevard.

Brown then jumped over a barrier wall into a neighborhood and cut through yards before hiding in bushes near a house on the 2000 block of NW 2nd Court.

Jackson stayed in the crashed car, according to law enforcement. Police said Brown was eventually taken down by a Boynton Beach police K-9.

Brown is in custody in Miami-Dade County and faces nearly 20 charges. Of the 20 charges Brown faces, several are for guns and drugs.

Darryl Sanders lives right behind the exit ramp. He said he heard a loud boom and went outside to see what was happening. "I came out my back door, and it's smoky, real smoky around this area," he described.

He said dozens of law enforcement cars followed the suspect on I-95. "They hopped out with world war three assault gear, and I ran back in the house," Sanders explained.

It was Boynton Beach Police K9 officer Daxxx who clamped down on Brown in the bushes. "I'm glad, very thankful because that's scary," said neighbor Takeisha Newbold-Ramsey. Sanders is holding his kids closely tonight, happy everyone is safe. "Very sad situation, but they got the bad guy, at the end of the day," he said.

Brown and Jackson were both taken to Bethesda Hospital for treatment.

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