Viral video regarding protected owl investigated by FWC

Viral video regarding protected owl investigated by FWC

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Facebook video that shows what appears to be a West Palm Beach man with a federally protected owl in his car is going viral and getting the attention of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

In the video, you see a man with a Great Horned Owl driving with it in his lap.

The video caption says: "3 am in the morning we are drunk, and we are high. We bout to take this thing home and eat it up just found it on the road."

A spokeswoman with Florida Fish and Wildlife says an investigator is looking into the video.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control says they were made aware of the video and forwarded it onto FWC.

David Hitzig, with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, is also aware of the video. "In the video, you see them picking up some type of alcohol bottle, drinking, and in the comments they are talking about being drunk and high and taking this owl home to eat it," Hitzig said.

Hitzig says the owl is protected by federal and state laws. "Having an owl like this in your possession is a felony... to me the concern is what happened to the owl, where the owl is now, and did anyone cause harm to the owl," Hitzig said.

Hitzig says the owl appears to be in a daze, but he says they can be extremely dangerous.

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