Waitress gets $1,000 tip from generous strangers

Waitress gets $1,000 tip from generous strangers

LARGO, Fla. -  A waitress at WingHouse in Largo, Florida took home a $1,000 tip recently from a table of generous strangers.

They left the tip on a $29 check for bottomless boneless wings, sodas and blue cheese.

Kari Vanardoy, 22, a mother who's been working two jobs while she looks for a new home, couldn't believe what was written on their credit card slip.

“I'm not used to having good luck like that,” she told ABC Action News. “I thought it was $10 at first because that would have been a nice tip on that tab. But really it was two extra zeros.”

Vanardoy, who has worked at the restaurant five years and also attends college, had never served the people before seeing them in the restaurant for lunch. They dropped hints, telling her they'd once left a server a $500 tip. She also saw them talk to the manager.

When she realized how big the tip was, she got a lump in her throat and hugged them. They told her the money was for her and her 2-year-old boy.

She's been saving money, looking to move from a studio she shares with her boyfriend and child, and now has money for that and furniture.

“I got lucky, I guess,” she said.

The people from the table returned Friday and said they'd visit again next week. A woman in the group had a special message.

“She actually told me she was my guardian angel if I ever need anything,” she said. “I didn't do anything for them ever, so it was just a sweet act.”

The people at the table also asked her the biggest tip she'd ever received.

“It was $160 from a drunk person,” she said. “So that was the most I've come close to in five years of working there.”

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