Sea turtles experiencing higher number of 'false crawls'

Sea turtles experiencing higher number of 'false crawls'

TEQUESTA, Fla. - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wants to make sure the public knows what the rules are when it comes to interactions with sea turtles.

Summer time is busy at the beach. Many people go to the ocean to cool off and it's sea turtle nesting season.

FWC says there appears to be a higher number of "false crawls" this year than usual.

False crawls are when sea turtles come to shore to nest but go back into the water before they lay their eggs.

According to FWC, many times humans are the ones to blame for false crawls.

FWC will hold a press conference Wednesday to talk about false crawls in Tequesta.

FWC says people need to remember to keep lights away from the beach and to keep their distance from sea turtles.

Harassing sea turtles can mean hefty fines or jail time.

Sea turtle nesting season runs until Nov. 15.

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