All roads back open after Palm Beach Gardens brush fire

All roads back open after Palm Beach Gardens brush fire

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Palm Beach Gardens police have reopened all roads Thursday morning after yesterday's brush fire. 

The 25-acres fire occurred near Timber Trace Elementary at 5200 117th Ct N.

Summer camp at Timber Trace Elementary is canceled for Thursday. The school was evacuated around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon as a precaution.

All 45 kids evacuated were picked up by the parents at the Palm Beach Gardens Police Station. The Palm Beach Gardens City Tennis Center was also evacuated as a precaution. No homes or businesses were ever in danger. 

For hours firefighters doused trees with gallons and gallons of water, trying to contain the fire which caused heavy smoke to be seen over the tree tops off Central Blvd.

"I saw the smoke early," said Stella Ture, a nearby resident.

She saw the smoke and felt like it was getting closer and closer.

 "Where is the fire?" thought Ture. "Because I couldn't find, I couldn't see anything."

The heat from the blaze was brutal, causing firefighters to switch out and cool down.

"The brush was really dense so it was difficult to get units back there," said Chief Keith Bryer of Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue. "What they did was, Forestry was able to cut a fire line around it, they were able to contain it, now we got it burnt down to just some hot spots, we'll let it burn itself out."

Bryer said people who live nearby will see and smell smoke throughout the night, but crews are around monitoring the area. With only three days till the Fourth of July weekend, Bryer is advising people not to use illegal fireworks that fly.

"Any time that it's been dry like it's been, when people are out there using fireworks especially fireworks that fly, go in the air, and kind of blow up, it's always an issue for us," added Bryer.

Bryer said the fire marshal is still investigating the cause of the brush fire. It's likely that it could have been lightning, but that will be determined once the investigation is complete.

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