Does It Work? Grip Mentor

If you golf, you want to be good. This plastic device, called the grip mentor, is advertised as the "most effective" golf grip training aid on the market, making you a better player instantly. Does it really deliver? We try it before you buy it.
No matter how you slice it, hitting that ball straight is a challenge for most golfers. The makers of the Grip Mentor say their training aid will let you grip like the pros. We test that claim at the Golf Digest School at PGA National.
First, golf pro Dave Maga watches the "how to" video that comes with grip mentor. Grip mentor, itself, is a plastic device that slides onto the shaft of any of your clubs.
“The thing I fix most is the grip. We're looking for anything that can help someone with their grip.”
On the driving range Dave recruits a couple of amateur golfers to test the grip mentor.
“Do you want to give it a try for 5 minutes?”
Phil and Shelly are eager to improve their swings. First, Dave analyzes Phil's swing without the Grip Mentor. Phil's grip is good but his shoulders are a little off. With some advice from Dave about that, Dave slips on the grip mentor and Phil swings again.
“Well done.”
The real test is Shelly, who does not have a good grip. First hit, without the grip mentor…
“Her ball started straight and curved to the right--that's a problem with the face of the club, and that's a product of how you grip it.”
Now, with some advice from Dave and the grip mentor properly aligned on her club…
“Let's hit a golf ball and see what it does, shall we?”
 “That was much better.”
Dave is impressed with Shelly's improvement, but curious about how the plastic, angular grip mentor will feel in his hands.
“This would start to hurt you after a while, but it is a great inexpensive way to show you how to hold the club.”
The grip mentor costs about 20-bucks, but most golfers will tell you getting the right grip and swing are priceless. The grip mentor works with both right and left handed clubs. It is strictly for practicing. The rules of golf prohibit golf aids on the course.