Top 5 ways new technology is harming your health

Top 5 ways new technology is harming your health

They're the devices we use every day: Smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Some doctors say the devices are creating medical problems in young people that are often only seen in older adults.

"We're seeing people in their 20s and 30s, we're seeing high school students start to be affected," said Dr. Charles Theofolis of the Spine Institute in Palm Beach Gardens.

Dr. Theofolis helped us create the top 5 ways new technology could be hurting your health.

1. Too much texting can hurt your hands

One study estimates 18 to 24-year-olds are sending or receiving an average of 50 texts a day. That could lead to long-term damage to your hands. "Texting, you have an abnormal position of the hand, that nerve can become entrapped because the ligament above it becomes scarred down," Dr. Theofolis said.
2. How you use your device can hurt your neck

If your screens aren't at eye level, you're bending your neck for a length of time. That's putting a lot of pressure on your neck. "I mean, just think about carrying about carrying a 60 pound bowling ball in this position, I mean, what it does to your neck. The stress in that part of the neck is dramatic," said Dr. Theofolis.

3. Too much screen time can really hurt your eyes

According to the Vision Council nearly one third of adults spend more than half their time awake, nine hours, using a digital device. When you stare at a screen for too long you don't blink as much and at the very least, it leads to itchy, burning eyes.

4. Hearing loss

When you're somewhere where it's loud and you're trying to talk on the phone, you usually turn up the volume.
Doing that consistently over a course of time can negatively affect your hearing. A recent report says at least one billion people are at an increased risk of hearing loss now because of smartphones.

5. Nomophobia

No Mobile Phone Phobia. The latest research shows not having a mobile phone can lead to, at the very least, anxiety, and even to depression. 

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