Danger of discarded fishing line

Danger of discarded fishing line

Anglers are being challenged to join the effort to help protect our coastal animals from the dangers of monofilament line.

The discarded or even cut fishing line can entangle animals from sea birds like pelicans to marine life including sea turtles, whales and dolphins.

In fact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists say clumps of fishing line are the most common foreign object found in manatee necropsies.

And the problem is acute in South Florida because fishing is so popular.

"These animals get entangled 4 times more so than animals in any other region of Florida," said research biologist Marshallluna Land.

FWC is encouraging fishermen and beach-goers to help them safely dispose of fishing line in special recycle bins they've set up at piers, beaches and popular fishing spots.

They say the recycled line is often re-purposed -- to make things like tackle boxes.

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