7-foot grouper caught on paddleboard in Stuart

7-foot grouper caught on paddleboard in Stuart

A Southwest Florida boat captain has caught another big fish in Stuart. But not without a fight first!

Cape Coral native Cpt. Ben Chancey caught a 7-foot Goliath grouper off the coast of Stuart and reeled it in while on a paddleboard.

Video capturing the feat from above and underwater. It shows the fish flinging Chancey off the board but that doesn't stop him. He crawled back on top of the board and finishes catching the enormous grouper.

Chancey has caught Goliath grouper before on shore, on boats and even in a kayak but said this was the first time ever on a paddleboard.

"Oh this is the hardest grouper fight I've ever had and I've caught a lot this one here .. I'm still sore today and we caught it on Thursday," Chancey said.

Chancey said after a quick picture, he let the grouper go. He said he's ready to get back in the water and face his next quirky catch.

"Next time I'm just going to put on a really big flotation device life jacket and just grab a fishing rod and jump in the water with it," Chancey said.

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