Lobster mini-season underway

Lobster mini-season underway

It is one of the favorite times of year for many divers: Lobster mini-season.

Divers at Sandsprit Park in Martin County said  the weather conditions were good and the lobsters plentiful but some had more success than others.

The mini-season allows recreational divers 2-days to catch their limit before commercial harvest of lobsters begins next week.

"Get out there with friends and family and you make a memory and that makes everything so much better.  Of course, a bug on the grill… is a little bit tasty," said  Nightstalker Charters Capt. Jim Walden.

While the divers interviewed today did see lobsters, what they didn't see a lot of were lionfish.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is allowing divers to take an extra lobster if they remove 10 lionfish from the waters.

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