Palm Beach County to discuss citations for marijuana possession

Palm Beach County to discuss citations for marijuana possession

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The city of West Palm Beach made the decision last month. Now Palm Beach County leaders will discuss reducing the penalty for having a small amount of marijuana.

This would be the final step before allowing the issue to be discussed at a public hearing.

In September, the city of West Palm Beach became the first municipality in the county to reduce minor pot possession to a civil citation.

On Tuesday, the county will take up the issue.

Palm Beach County staff members are recommending people caught with 20 grams or less be issued a $100 fine.

Currently, any pot possession in the county will land the offender in jail.

Some big questions have been:

  • Would only first-time offenders be eligible?
  • Would rules be the same for adults and juveniles caught with a small amount of pot?

Supporters say this is a non-violent offense that often leaves people in jail and with criminal records.  They believe marijuana arrests keep offenders from finding work, housing or attending college.

If the county accepts the proposal Tuesday it would be up for a public hearing Oct. 20.

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