Students encouraged to walk, bike to school on Wednesday

Students encouraged to walk, bike to school on Wednesday

Wednesday is "Walk Bike to School Day" across the country.

The event is being celebrated with parents being encouraged to walk or bike with their children on the way to school.

The goal is to teach kids important safety tips to make sure they get to school safely.

Parents are encouraged to take the safest route to school. This means using sidewalks or pathways that keep kids away from the road.

Parents are also encouraged to teach their kids to cross streets at marked crossings and always look both ways before crossing the road.

To keep kids and pedestrians safe, municipalities are encouraged to make sure walkways are continuous and meet national accessibility standards.

It's also suggested that they provide accessible pedestrian signals at intersections.

The walk to school offers parents a chance to talk to their children about personal security as well.  This means teaching them about how to react if they encounter a bully or stranger on the way to or from school.

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