Growing & disturbing trend of animal abuse on the Treasure Coast

Growing & disturbing trend of animal abuse on the Treasure Coast

Volunteers at the Treasure Coast Humane Society are taking a liking to 3-month-old Boulevard.

They say he's surprisingly sweet, given what he's been through.

"They've named the cat after where he was found along Port St. Lucie Boulevard.

A good Samaritan driving by said someone tossed a tied up pink pillowcase out their window with the kitten inside.

"So fortunately for the cat, he stopped he picked up the pillowcase and opened it up and found there to be a cat," said Sara Kornegay with the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

The good Samaritan brought the cat immediately to the Humane Society.

What volunteers say is more concerning is how often animals are being dumped or abandoned along the Treasure Coast.

In the last six months they've handled at least 7 cases involving more than 40 animals left in the woods or in crates by the side of the road.

Volunteers have even found ferrets that were abandoned.

Boulevard is fortunate to be safe and ultimately adoptable to a better home.

The Humane Society wants to find who's responsible for abandoning the animal to try and deter any more cruelty.

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