Confiscated animals from Loxahatchee area raids at sanctuary

Confiscated animals from Loxahatchee area raids at sanctuary

Hundreds of animals are being taken care of in an undisclosed location following Tuesday's raids of three alleged slaughterhouses.

It's referred to as "The Sanctuary."

Richard Couto is the founder of ARM, the Animal Recovery Mission.

He started the non-profit in 2010 to help protect animals from abuse and slaughter.

"No one else in the world will go as deep as ARM in these operations and in such dangerous operations," he says.

Everything from rabbits to goats to cows are being kept at "The Sanctuary."

They're getting veterinary care, but Couto says not all of them may survive.

"Some of them are great. Some of them are very poor. We've already lost three birds that died last night. I'm sure we're going to lose more as we always do after these strikes."

He says the animals will not be up for adoption, and will be kept at "The Sanctuary" as part of ARM's conservation efforts.

The remaining animals rescued Tuesday are in the care of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

The shelter received dozens of pigs and birds, and is in need of donations and help.

Officials say the animals will stay put, until court proceedings determine whether they can be given up for adoption.

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