Hundreds pack church for musical tribute to Corey Jones in Boynton Beach

Hundreds pack church for musical tribute to Corey Jones in Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Musicians from across South Florida performed in the memory of Corey Jones Sunday night.

Tucked in the corner of his grandfather's Boynton Beach church are the drums Corey Jones loved so much. Drummer Logan Wilson played them in Corey's memory.

"I love Corey, so I may feel a certain way at some points of the service, but I'm doing it for him," said Wilson, who knew Corey growing up. "So I have to keep doing it."

Corey's cousin, Tre Banks, remembers something he always used to say to him.

"His favorite (lesson) to tell me was, 'stay in the pocket,' meaning we don't need all this fancy stuff , just stay in a nice, tight groove," said Banks. "Just kick it right there."

Seven musical groups from across South Florida performed before hundreds at the Bible Church of God for the Pink & Black Benefit Concert Promoting Peace Against Adversity.

"Some of the guys contacted us and wanted to do tributes because they used to shred with him," said Kenneth Banks, Corey's uncle.

Many watched Corey grow up in the church.

"He's loving it," said Mark Robinson, who used to belong to the church. "He's smiling down on us."

It's been a difficult week as Corey's friends and family still search for answers.

"God is going to get justice," said Sabrina Ferguson, of Deerfield Beach, who attended the benefit. "That's what we pray because God, Corey and the police were there.  They are the only ones who know what happened."

The Boynton Beach Coalition is hosting a rally Wednesday calling for transparency in the Corey Jones investigation.   The rally will be held in front of the State Attorney's Office at 12:30 p.m.

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