Palm Beach Gardens councilman 'sickened' by Corey Jones shooting

Palm Beach Gardens councilman 'sickened' by Corey Jones shooting

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - This is not the way Palm Beach Gardens Councilman Joseph Russo thought he would end his 27th year on the city council.

"This just sickens me. This poor young man lost his life and no one can understand why," Russo said.

Russo says he received a text message from the city manager the morning of the shooting of Corey Jones.

Vice Mayor David Levy got the same text message.

"It has been a tragedy. I think we need to recognize it as a tragedy. I feel bad both for the family and for the officer," Vice Mayor Levy said.

Palm Beach Gardens became the center of a national debate about what happened to Corey Jones.

Jones was shot by unmarked, out of uniform Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja.

"I like the fact that the FBI is in on this investigation. The more eyes we have on it, the better chance we have a fair and honest investigation," Levy said.

Councilman Russo says he hopes the investigation takes days...not weeks or months.

"This was a sad thing to have this poor young man's life taken away. But as bad as that is, it would be 100 thousand times worse if we do nothing to change it. We need to see if we could prevent it," Russo said.

Russo said he wants to wait until the investigation is finished before he decides what sort of changes need to be made.

He said he would attend a rally in Riviera Beach on Monday night to show his support for the family of Corey Jones.

"I want to make sure an African American can come to our city and they are not afraid to be welcomed into our city," Russo said.

Both Russo and Levy said they hope the Corey Jones shooting does not leave a permanent scar on a city they say they've worked hard to promote over the years.

The Palm Beach Gardens mayor was not available for comment because the vice mayor says he is out of the state on vacation.

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