EXCLUSIVE: Evidence apparently taken from Nouman Raja car while he meets with lawyer

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence apparently taken from Nouman Raja car while he meets with lawyer

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - While Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja met with Police Benevolent Association leaders and his attorney Tuesday, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office crime scene investigator was apparently collecting evidence from a car in which he arrived.

Investigators say Raja shot and killed Corey Jones along Interstate 95 near PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens in the early morning of Sunday October 18.

Jones' family members say he was waiting on a tow truck after his car broke down.

Police said Jones was armed and confronted Officer Raja. The police department said Raja fired as the result of the confrontation and it resulted in Jones' death.

Investigators say Raja was not wearing a police uniform and was in an unmarked car when he approached Jones.

Jones was armed but did not fire his weapon during the incident, according to his family's attorney. They also say the officer shot six times and hit Jones three times and did not show his badge during the encounter.

Almost an hour after Raja went into the union office, the crime scene van was seen pulling up, and what appeared to be clothing was taken out of the vehicle in which Raja arrived.

The crime scene technician wore gloves and put the material into a brown evidence bag.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office would not confirm what happened, but did stress the investigation is ongoing and they are constantly reviewing any new information that comes their way.

Palm Beach County Benevolent Association President Jon Kazanjian confirmed his meeting with Raja Tuesday, but would not elaborate on what they discussed.

He said most of Raja's time was spent speaking with his attorney.

A rally for Jones will be held outside the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office on Wednesday.

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