Wendy Bradshaw: Polk County teacher's resignation letter over testing goes viral

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA/NBC) - Too many tests -- that is the clear message from a lot of frustrated parents and teachers across the country.

Now, a Polk County teacher's resignation letter is going viral.

Tens of thousands of people across the country are sharing the letter on Facebook and giving her the thumbs up.

Wendy Bradshaw went as far as earning her doctorate in the field she loved.

Working with challenged kindergarten through second graders is a passion she has and she's not ashamed to say that she's good at it.

But Friday she typed up her official goodbye, saying she just can't handle watching the tears and fear in her students' eyes when it comes time for another test.

"Kindergartners are taught how to skill and drill- how to fill in bubbles," said Bradshaw.

Her resignation letter caught the eyes and liking of tens of thousands across the country.

"I didn't realize that so many people were going to identify with it," said Bradshaw.

Many posted comments like "amen" or "she nailed it."

She claims kids are so pressured to perform they don't even have time to make friends.

"They're completely losing out on social skills.  They don't know the names of the other kids in their class," said Bradshaw.

On Monday, President Obama came out with his own message on school testing, recommending that test taking should only make up two percent of class time.

"I'm glad they're making some effort at the federal level to say that hey we realize this went too far but i think they are missing it- there's still going to be test prep after test prep until they realize the high stakes that surround these tests," said Bradshaw.

A Polk County school district spokesman wouldn't go on camera but said in a statement that as the state of Florida moves forward on accountability, they hope the process is thoughtful and balanced.