Try Pairing These 3 Wines with Halloween Candy

Try Pairing These 3 Wines with Halloween Candy

It's estimated that 94 percent of Americans will buy Halloween candy this year so it's safe to say we're going to be eating a lot of candy. Well how can adults wash down their sweet treats? With some vino of course! The List's Donna Ruko's showing you wine candy pairings, because they're What's Trending.

Prosecco / Smarties

Prosecco naturally has a Smartie like flavor, so when you combine it with actual Smarties, you get a pairing that compliments one another and could be the most refine way to enjoy candy.

Riesling / Candy Corn

The butteriness from Candy Corn pairs well with a Riesling because they share a similar chemical to that of alcohol; smoothing out the candy corn flavor and adding to the enjoyment on the Riesling.

Pinot Noir / Peanut M&M’s

The nutty flavors from peanut M&M's meld nicely with a Pinot Noir that features Strawberry and Cherry flavors; accentuating the fruitiness in the wine and smoothing out it's over all flavor.

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Here is a picture, courtesy Vivino, of other candy wine parings you can make.

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