Church full for Corey Jones' funeral

Church full for Corey Jones' funeral

Family and friends who knew Corey Jones the best remembered the Boynton Beach man who has become part of a national movement.

Reverend Al Sharpton even spoke at Jone's funeral at Payne Chapel AME Church in West Palm Beach Saturday.

The church was filled to capacity and an overflow room was even utilized where they televised the service.

"He had to be someone special because Corey is going to make changes for the United States of America," Jones' aunt said.

A bandmate of Jones also spoke.

"This man is truly great and I dream we will see him not just in the headlines, but in the history books," the bandmate said.

Mixed in with the memories, there were also mentions of how Jones died two weeks ago.

He was shot by a plain clothes Palm Beach Gardens police officer in a case that's receiving national attention.

"We all just know if this officer would have just said I'm the police....He didnt even have to show a badge and my brother would have just laid on the ground," Jones' brother CJ said.

Reverend Al Sharpton said he wanted to be at the funeral to make sure Jones' name stands for something.

"If Corey was in his car, had a registered license to carry a're going tell me that Corey didn't have the same right as stand your ground as they used on Trayvon Martin," Sharpton said.

The service ended with Corey's sister Melissa singing for her brother.

He was laid to rest in Boynton Beach.

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