Bio-hazard drills to take place in Martin County

Bio-hazard drills to take place in Martin County

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Emergency response agencies from around the state will converge in Martin County for the next few days to conduct several bio-hazard drills.

Public safety officials held a news conference at the Martin County Emergency Operations Center to talk about the Bio Shield 2015 exercise, which will start Tuesday.

The sheriff's office, fire rescue, emergency responders and hospital staff will participate in drills that include bio hazard, and terrorists' threats.

Some of the exercises will be closed off and happen inside Witham Field and local hospitals.

The purpose is to be ready if a bio-terrorist threat should happen.

Although these are drills, officials want to alert the public not to be alarmed because they may see authorities acting out life-threatening scenarios.

"This will be a comprehensive effort. We will have mock scenarios, we will have what appear to be victims, we will have surgeons at the hospitals so we feel that it's very important that nothing is out to the community and they begin to think this is real," said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

The drills will start Tuesday morning at 9 a-m and run until 3 p-m.

Officials will wrap up the event Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say there will be enough emergency responders on stand-by, just in case a real emergency happens.

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