Using New Tech to Sniff Out Your Lost Pet

Using New Tech to Sniff Out Your Lost Pet

Gone are the days of knocking on neighbors doors and hanging posters, finding your lost dog can be as simple as logging on.  The List's Donna Ruko uncovered new tech to find your lost pet on theHit List.

The Pet GPS

The device called Whistle attaches to your pet's collar and lets you track their every move.  The tracker runs around $80 and then there is a monthly service charge.

Facial Recognition

Apps like Finding Rover and PIP record your pets facial markers including eye size and their proximity to the snout based on the photo you upload.  It's not easy to get the picture right, but once you do it only takes a couple clicks to report a runaway.  The best part?  It's free!

Pet Amber Alerts

This service will do the work for you notifying neighbors, veterinarians, and local businesses of you lost dog and send out an alert through social media.  Depending on which features you choose it can be $30-$80.

With all this new tech, the most important part is keeping your information current!  Special thanks to Kelly Perry, owner of Lucky Paws Shelter and Thrift Store.

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