Police investigate school threat rumors at Riviera Beach Maritime Academy

Police investigate school threat rumors at Riviera Beach Maritime Academy

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: A spokesperson with the Riviera Beach Police Department says detectives found "no evidence of criminal activity" linked to the student in question.

The school is handling the situation. The principal says the student is suspended as school officials continue their investigation into the case.


The Riviera Beach Police Department is investigating a rumor that spread at a Palm Beach County charter school.

According to Debbie Canney, whose daughter attends the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy, the rumor involved a student threatening to kill four other students if they showed up for class today.

"A threat, a rumor-- is a big deal. Shootings happen at colleges and schools all the time," Debbie says.

The school's principal confirms there was an incident Monday, involving "rumors that a student was making inappropriate comments."

The principal would not confirm what the rumors entailed, but says police were called in to investigate and claims that everyone was safe on campus today.

The student was suspended, according to the principal.

But Debbie says the school never notified parents that anything was wrong.

She says her daughter didn't even know there was a problem. Debbie says she learned about it from a parent of another student.

Debbie says she rushed to the school after hearing the news and went to the principal for answers.

"She said 'We know the police were there. They were talking to the person involved in it.' And that's all the information they would give me," Debbie says.

As of Monday afternoon, parents say they still have not heard any news from the school about what happened.

"Even if it was a rumor, we still should've been notified. Because this is what happened. It was panic for everyone involved in it," Debbie says.

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