John Janaskas: Missing sex offender sought, Martin County Sheriff's Office says

John Janaskas: Missing sex offender sought, Martin County Sheriff's Office says

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Martin County detectives and road deputies are on high alert, keeping an eye out for a dangerous sex offender on the loose who is missing from Martin County.

John Michael Janaskas, 29 hasn't been seen in at least 2 days.

He is a known drug user and convicted child rapist, according to Martin County detectives

Janaskas is a registered sex offender in Pennsylvania. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says he was court ordered to attend a treatment facility in Jensen Beach.

That facility, which can not be identified by detectives because of HIPPA laws, contacted the sheriff's office last week to notify deputies that they had a sex offender in their care.

Employees did not make any effort, however, to make sure he was registered, according to detectives.

Instead, Snyder says employees dropped him off at the Walmart in Stuart on Saturday and left. He hasn't been seen since.

"It's completely inexplicable to me how a treatment center could take a registered sex offender and just drop them off in a parking lot," Snyder said.

Snyder believes they did this because they did not want to have a sex offender in their care, potentially harming the facility's reputation.

Detectives have been searching throughout the county, including at homeless camps in the woods where known sex offenders live.

Road deputies have also been given his picture and are on the lookout.

"He could be anywhere in Martin County, and we have no way until we find him, and when we do we're going to arrest him, but until then he's at large in our community," Snyder said.

Snyder says if sober homes do not notify them that they're caring for an out-of-state offender, detectives have no way to know they're here.

"This offender could have easily been staying in a house next to a family with children and we would have never known it," Snyder said.

Snyder says there is little regulation the county can impose on sober homes where many people stay while they're receiving treatment.

Detectives are in touch with the state attorney's office to see if there are any crimes they can charge the facility with.

This is the second times in a couple months that a registered sex offender has gone missing from a drug or alcohol treatment facility, according to Snyder.

If you see Janaskas, you're urged to call 911 or the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

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