Bizarre incidents in Boynton Beach linked to the synthetic drug Flakka

Bizarre incidents in Boynton Beach linked to the synthetic drug Flakka

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The rise of synthetic drugs here in our area is keeping law enforcement busy.

Over in Boynton Beach, several residents are seeing first hand how these drugs can often lead to strange and even dangerous behavior.

Christina St. Fleur says she got a rude awakening Sunday morning.

She says she woke up to the sounds of a man trying to break into her home.

"I get up and I said 'Who's this?' and he get a chair. Boom went the other window and he left," she says.

Walking us around the damage Tuesday, she showed us where the would be intruder smashed two of her windows - one of them located behind the bed she was sleeping in.

According to the police report, that same man went down the street to another home and tried to get in there as well.

Police say that same morning, at a parking garage at the Boynton Beach police department, another man came running and screaming towards an officer saying someone was chasing him.

Police say both incidents can be linked to the drug Flakka, which they say has been increasingly popping up on their radar as of late.

St. Fleur says this run in has shattered her sense of peace.

"One year two months we've lived here and never a problem," she says. "Nobody steals from you, nothing…but now, things happen."

Both men in these incidents were not arrested, but were Baker Acted and brought to the hospital for evaluation.

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