Port St. Lucie man arrested for impersonating firefighter; in possession of Hernando Co. Fire badge

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A road rage incident ended with a shot fired and a Port St. Lucie man in jail, accused of impersonating a firefighter.

Early Saturday morning at the intersection of Crosstown Parkway and Cameo Boulevard, two drivers got into an argument.

A shot was fired from a pickup at the other vehicle. An officer pulled over that pickup a few miles away off Rosser.

40-year-old Jeffrey Mullins was the driver. Investigators say he was holding his registration in one hand, and a badge in the other for the officer to see.  It is a badge with the Hernando County logo.

Officers noticed Mullins' pickup has a license plate in support of firefighters, and they say he told officers he volunteers with Hernando County Fire-Rescue. Detectives quickly determined, that was not the case.

"We called them, talked with one of their chiefs.  They said they don't have a volunteer fire-fighting system and that this guy was not employed by them at all," said Sgt. Frank Sabol with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Police say a search of Mullins' vehicle turned up a handgun under the seat, as well as a syringe and several types of pills and liquids that were sent for analysis.

An arrest affidavit also says Mullins violated a court order by being in possession of a firearm.

Police say his possession of a first responder badge could have been just as dangerous if someone thought Mullins could be of help.

"You're unable to perform the duties that are entrusted in you to save a life or to try and help somebody out.  That really speaks volumes how the impersonation could really affect other people," said Sgt. Sabol.

The man in the other vehicle involved in the original argument decided not to press charges in the road rage part of the case.

A woman who was a passenger in Mullins' truck told officers Mullins slapped her in the face after he had gotten into a verbal altercation with the driver of another vehicle.

We emailed a photo of the badge to a spokeswoman with Hernando County who said while it looks real, she couldn't be for sure unless she saw it in person.  She did add that Mullins never worked for Hernando County Fire-Rescue.

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