New procedure called Vanquish claims to melt fat away

New procedure called Vanquish claims to melt fat away

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - There's a new procedure available in Delray Beach that claims to melt fat away.
Jelly roll and muffin top are the "cute" names for flab around the tummy, but patient Michelle Meltzer wanted to say goodbye to her love handles.

"You put on your jeans, and you got your body hanging out," said Meltzer.

In a quick and painless lunch-hour procedure, she was able to get rid of her unwanted flab.

Her dermatologist in Delray Beach said fat has met its match with the procedure called Vanquish.

"It uses energy called radio frequency which is very selective for fat," said Dr. Thomas Balshi.

This FDA-approved technology, according to Balshi, will only target fat, not the skin above it and not muscle.

"Fat is sensitive to temperature, so we get a level of heat, and the cells die off," said Balshi.

The fat is permanently eliminated through waste.  There's no preparation, no pain and no after care.

"It has an enormous surface area, so we actually shrink your entire belly, love handles and back fat in one session," said Balshi.

After five treatments, Meltzer says the proof that Vanquish works is in the pictures.

"I used to literally be able to grab just an insane amount of fat.  There's really nothing to grab anymore," said Meltzer.
With results like this, Balshi says "this is miracle technology for people."

The cost for five treatments is $2,500.

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