4 Tips to Not Stress Out Your Dog

4 Tips to Not Stress Out Your Dog

A dog can be a healthy addition to your life but training them can be hard.   It's important to remember your furry friend wants to please you and doesn't act naughty by nature.  The List's Holly Morgan has some tips to help keep both owner's and dog's stress levels in check.

Let Your Dog Be A Dog

Dogs innately want to protect you so they're going to bark when they hear an unusual sound…like a doorbell.  When you yell at them they can interpret that as you barking along with them.

Jade Whitney is a Canine Behavior Specialist who says….

"They're going to bark to let you know someone is here it's their house… teach them a quiet command in a calm voice."

Two common training mistake are squirting them with a water bottle or making a scary sound (the pennies in a can method.)

"Squirting them is going to break down your relationship and make them bark more" says Whitney.

Respect Their Space

Dogs don't always see hugging as a form of affection.  It can be misinterpreted as a sign of dominance.

If you are going to hug your dog make sure they are standing on their own so if they are uncomfortable they can move away.

Let Them Stop And Sniff

Pet expert Robert Semrow says "here's the thing...animals smell...dogs can smell 1000 to 1 million times better than us humans… they want to smell the world  that is how they're able to really live and enjoy"

Now that doesn't mean you should let them go wild and tag the neighborhood.  Keep a loose leash until they get squirrely and then give the leash a little tug.  If they don't stop  - you need to stop.  Teach them that you are the one in charge.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

If your dog is sleeping don't wake him with loud noises.  This can stress him out.

Great owners; Great dogs on the Lowdown.

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