How to tell if an IRS or TurboTax email is real

How to tell if an IRS or TurboTax email is real

It's getting into peak tax season, which means you're going to be dealing with a tax preparer and the IRS over the next few weeks.

That means calls and emails. But now how do you know if they are real?

IRS Emails

Have you received an email from the IRS? Beware!
It may say "click here to see your refund," or "click here because we found a problem with your return."

But the IRS does not email people about problems or to update their refund status.  In almost every case, that email is a phishing scam.

However, If you receive a paper letter via snail mail from the IRS, it very well may be legitimate.  In that case, call the agency.

The key here is that if the IRS or state has questions for you, they will mail you a letter with your name specifically on it.

Want you like to know your refund status?  Go to,  and click the "Where's My Refund" link.

TurboTax Email

But from the "doesn't that stink" file, there's another easy way to fall for a phishing scam involving the popular tax software TurboTax.

Scammers are using the company's logo and look and appears very legitimate.

TurboTax says scammers are sending emails saying there has been a problem with your tax filing: It tells you to click a link to recover your password or to re-file.

But if you click, and give out any personal information, you'll end up saying "doesn't that stink?"

Check the URL -- the return address -- carefully on any tax email.  If it's suspicious, don't even open the email because it could contain malware.

Bottom line: Be wary of all emails pertaining to your taxes.  And remember that any legitimate service or agency will address you by name -- not "dear taxpayer."    

So be extra diligent during tax season, and don't waste your money.


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