Potential air quality concerns shut down Delray Beach fire station

Potential air quality concerns shut down Delray Beach fire station

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - The Delray Beach Fire Chief has moved firefighters out of a station due to potential health concerns.

Capt. Kevin Saxton says engineers doing an air quality test at the station last week found a potential issue with how two AC vents are connected.

He says a vent in the sleeping quarters is connected to a vent in the area where firefighters store their gear and equipment.

Studies have shown firefighters are at risk for cancer because of the chemicals they're exposed to in burning buildings. More research is being done about how equipment exposed to these chemicals may also pose a threat to firefighters.

Engineers will do more tests to determine how the vent connections may have impacted the air quality. Saxton says the department expects those results in seven to ten days. At that point, the department will decide how to move forward.

Meanwhile, some of the firefighters at Station 3, located at 651 Linton Blvd, are sleeping in a recreational vehicle behind the station. Other firefighters have been relocated to the main fire station.

The city has long-term plans to replace this fire station.

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